Update 1 Released

May 27 2020

The first update to Red Hook: The Game has been released. This update includes newly rendered texutres, new powerups, new sound effects, and more!

All New Textures

With this first update comes along a completely new set of images. Both Deena and Gavin have been completely replaced with newer more aesthetic images. This of course applies to the animation sets as well.

Each of the updated textures have been taken from a 3D generated image. This effectively gives the textures more depth and better shading and lighting.

All New Powerups

Along with the new set of textures, this update also introduces two new powers. The White Stripes tickets are now a pickupable power up which gives Deena 25 additional hit points. The total amount of hit points can be increased to 200. The second update is inspired by the second Dollar Store Movie Review, Ultraman. This new power up is the Beta Capsule from the 1960s' Ultraman. This power up will transform Deena into Ultraman for a short period of time. During this time you fight against Kaiju in a basic 2D fighting game. Once the time as Ultraman has ended, you transform back into Deena and continue with the normal gameplay.

Gameplay Changes

Update 1 also comes with new overall gameplay changes. The following are changes to the game

  • Movement Speed - Gavin movement speed and spawn rate has been increased to reduce waiting times and to increase gameplay difficulty
  • Hitpoint Damage - Damage dealt to Deena has been changed from fixed 5 to randomly selected 5, 10, 15, 20, 25
  • Highscore - Score collected can only be submitted if the game is up-to-date
  • Sound Effects - New sound effects have been add to each power up and when Deena deals damage
  • Linux Export - The game is now has an export for Linux based operating systems such as Ubuntu and Mint


There are intentions to make further adjustments to the game upon each update. At this time, there isn't a planed date for when the next update will be released, or all of the changes it will bring. Some adjustments have already been implemented to the game and will appear in the next update.